HDTV demand places higher priority on QoS monitoring

August 2, 2013 - 5:49pm

As more consumers opt for high-quality digital services and multi-platform content delivery, network operators and broadcasters must invest in complementary solutions in order to rise above an increasingly crowded market. They should prioritize system components that allow for HD video transport, as well as develop strong quality of service monitoring initiatives that make sure consumers receive only the highest quality streams.

J.D. Power evaluated the satisfaction levels of consumers that recently purchased an HDTV in a recent report. They measured satisfaction on seven levels - performance, reliability, ease of operation, style/appearance, features, price and warranty. The report focused solely on those consumers who had purchased an HDTV within the past 12 months in an effort to reflect the latest market sentiments.

Picture quality was the most oft-cited reason for choosing to buy an HDTV for those who purchased one that was 50 inches or larger, the report stated, as 68 percent of respondents said that it was a top area of concern. For those who had bought HDTVs measuring less than 50 inches, price was the most commonly cited factor behind their decision, at 68 percent, followed by picture quality, which 58 percent said was a key feature. Additionally, more consumers bought HDTV LED televisions (44 percent), over LCD or plasma televisions in 2013.

Meeting the needs of conscientious consumers
As several J.D. Power analysts noted, the high priorities of picture quality and price indicate that consumers are doing their homework and placing a premium on technological capabilities before deciding to buy, reported Broadcast Engineering.

"Customers purchasing a smaller HDTV tend to be more price conscious than those purchasing a larger HDTV," stated Christina Cooley, a senior account manager at J.D. Power, according to the news source. "Yet, we find that customers who buy larger HDTVs are more likely to research brands and features before making their purchase."

The consumerization of technology seen in most industries is certainly something for broadcasters and vendors to give considerable attention. As more consumers make the move to HDTV, companies don't want to get left behind. There are several simple hardware solutions that can help providers optimize their video broadcast systems for HD content transmission. Transport stream servers, for example, can effectively deliver HD content without sacrificing frame accuracy or overall quality. MPEG4 decoders are also key backhaul solutions in the effort to optimize content decoding and re-encoding for HD channels.

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