Why OTT is an opportunity for pay-TV operators

December 11, 2013 - 4:44pm
Optimizing content delivery to any environment is critical for network operators' efforts to capitalize on OTT programming.

There is likely no more significant development in the broadcast industry over the last few years than over-the-top (OTT) programming. Viewers want choices, and the ability to access any program they want, at any time and on any device, is compelling many users to expand their viewing habits. While some members of the industry have fretted over the effects of OTT on traditional pay TV, in reality the expansion of content options means more opportunities for network operators and broadcasters as well. Having the right video broadcast system components on hand, from transcoders to QoS monitoring tools, will be critical to capitalizing on emerging possibilities.

Content has expanded alongside OTT environments. Each viewer now follows his or her own path of content consumption and has shifted their viewing strategies to serve their personal preferences. IP&TV News contributor Adam Nightingale wrote about the potential for network operators to leverage user data and next-gen technologies to better tailor the viewing experience. Networks still securely possess the upper hand when it comes to having premium content, so they have a relatively easy path to benefiting from a more engaging viewer package.

"Besides offering the right content on the right devices, the best thing that operators can do to preserve their revenue potential is to create a personalized TV experience that will drive content consumption and customer loyalty," Nightingale wrote. "Adding attractive features such as a redesigned interface and search and recommendation technology can drive up content consumption but also significantly increase the loyalty of their subscribers."

An important factor in a high-performing, personalized experience that will continue to place network operators on top is the ability to deliver the highest quality content at al times. QoS monitoring tools can be leveraged to ensure that both broadcast and IP content can be seamlessly delivered to any device environment.

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