Interactive ads demonstrate need for QoS monitoring

August 27, 2013 - 9:46pm
Targeted, interactive advertising could open up a new future for television.

While the media has given more attention of late to creative online forms of product promotion, television still remains the gold standard and highest priority for advertisers. Broadcasters and content programmers have taken some tips from Internet content interaction methods to innovate their own efforts on tried-and-true advertising media. Increasing television ad opportunities benefits not only advertisers but content and service providers as well, as the continued success of TV ads means that vendors will still spend top dollar for their display.

Interactive local advertising could help capture the creativity of online ads optimized for video broadcast systems. Media consultants Accelerated Media Inc. envision TV ads that offer localized and real-time information about a variety of services and products, making the TV watching experience more interactive and have ads that really connect with the daily needs of viewers, TV Technology reported. Broadcasters would be able to combine the regular national broadcast with local ads, some of which would have further interactive capabilities with mobile apps and IP devices.

In order to make this process a viable one, broadcasters would need to invest in topnotch Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring devices that could automatically keep track of signals coming from several different sources. Timeliness and high quality will be key to making interactive ads a reality, and programmers seeking to enhance the quality and scope of their advertising should invest in broadcast equipment that monitors each device on the delivery chain. Several pay-TV companies and local broadcasters have already made significant investments in this flexibility-enhancing area, FierceCable reported.

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