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September 6, 2013 - 10:46am
What are SCTE 35 and SCTE 104?

Video transport is a complicated process, and can be difficult to understand as the number of broadcast signals, distribution channels and digital viewing environments continue to proliferate.

There are many opportunities in the video transport sector - more than ever, in fact. New programming channels pop up seemingly every day, and the growth of over-the-top (OTT) and online content delivery means that many incumbent broadcasters and new entities are expanding their delivery streams and diversifying their services. These viewing options offer expanded development possibilities for many traditional TV services, such as target advertising that uses geo-location and customer input to tailor promotional material and viewing capacities that use user settings to offer them content the way they want it. These opportunities demand specialized knowledge, particularly when it comes to two standards of the transport system - SCTE 35 and SCTE 104.

What is SCTE 35?
SCTE 35 is a broadcast standard that pertains to digital program insertion (DPI) in broadcasts. DPI is what allows broadcast affiliates to program local commercials or short programs into national broadcasts. It identifies cue messages that are then embedded into the outgoing stream, which provide timing information and indicate splice points, according to Broadcast Engineering. The American National Standards Institute approved the ANSI/SCTE 35 Digital Program Insertion Cueing Message for Cable in 2012 for splicing MPEG-2 streams with specific programming, according to the BTR Report.

What is SCTE 104?
SCTE 104 acts as a translator for communications between the automation and compression points of the system that inserts SCTE 35 private sections into an outgoing video transport, according to Broadcast Engineering.

How Can I Learn More?
To further learn about SCTE 35/SCTE 104, including common terminology and the full spectrum of its applications, you can enroll in Sencore's web-based training program, offered on their website. Contact Sencore for additional information.

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