3 benefits of DekTec PCI cards

October 24, 2013 - 9:17am
PCI cards are critical to the interoperability of broadcast and IP networks.

DekTec PCI cards are useful tools for engineers and operators that want to cost-efficiently stream, record and analyze video in IP, RF and ASI transmission formats. They also streamline the process to market for OEMs, as they can be used to quickly add a large volume of inputs and outputs to embedded PCs without requiring users to develop their own. Here are three benefits of DekTec PCI cards:

Monitoring and measurement: System evaluation is a crucial part of ensuring that all components are functioning in harmony. DekTec solutions can be used to monitor receiver input and output for the DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards as well as applications used on an operator's PC. 

OEM component integration: According to DekTec, PCI card solutions provide digital TV professionals with the connective tissue for successful deployment of PCs in any broadcast environment. Cost-effective and scalable, DekTec hardware and software components offer enterprise scalability at a buyer-friendly price.

IP-based video transport optimization: PCI cards provide full transmission and re-enapsulation between ASI and IP signal ports. They support compliance with SMPTE 2022-1 and 2022-2 standards and feature zero-jitter playout in multiple transport streams.

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