Long-form video content preferred over short clips, study finds

November 5, 2013 - 11:03am
Today's mobile phone users prefer to watch long-form video content over shorter clips.

According to a recent study by mobile media company Vuclip, 65 percent of consumers prefer to watch full-length television shows and films on their mobile devices rather than shorter content, Mobile Marketer reported. As the market for mobile video continues to grow and users increasingly watch longer content on tablets and smartphones, there will be additional opportunities for advertisers to target these users with customized advertising. To do this, network operators will require infrastructure solutions that can facilitate digital ad insertion in IP distribution. 

"Previous research and common sense assumptions have all pointed toward the consumer's appetite to watch shorter videos via mobile," said Arun Prakash, chief operating officer of Vuclip, according to the news source. "It goes against conventional wisdom, but longer videos on the go are quickly becoming a trend that cannot be missed."

The report, which compiled survey responses from 50,000 consumers, indicated that mobile users are interested in full-length content even in areas that lack fast network speeds. Enhancing connectivity and wireless infrastructure is key to better tapping these emerging markets, as is deploying technology solutions that can provide premium bandwidth usage and real-time video QoS monitoring.

The survey's finding included:

  • 84 percent of all respondents and 92 percent of respondents under 18 would watch their favorite TV show on mobile devices, pending availability
  • 89 percent of all respondents and 94 percent of respondents under 18 said that they would watch their favorite movie on mobile
  • Top concerns: 32 percent said that cost is the primary concern, 18 percent said that buffering is the chief issue and 10 percent said that not finding interesting content is the leading worry

Receiver decoders are critical to facilitating programming distribution to mobile devices and other IP-enabled devices. The modular receiver decoder model is an important part of digital turnaround infrastructure, ensuring that content can be effectively sent downstream for transcoding and out to mobile environments.

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