Improving hospitality security, communication through IPTV

December 5, 2013 - 12:02am
Improving communication during response times is a good reason hospitality providers should invest in IPTV solutions.

Video transport technologies in hospitality environments have long helped provide premium entertainment and informational services to guests. Having access to video on demand at one's fingertips provides excitement and comfort to guests in a home away from home. Plus, being able to find out important information about the hotel and even communicate with personnel through televisions is an important component of ensuring the safety and convenience of all guests.

Advances in video technology, particularly in modular receiver decoders and video transcoders, can facilitate real-time insertion of information and communication between devices in widely distributed guest networks. Hotel operators should take advantage of this next-gen architecture to improve response times and communication during emergencies, wrote IP&TV News contributor Mathias Johnson. IPTV also throws another wrinkle in hotel emergency messaging systems, particularly in cloud-based TV architectures where the host is no longer onsite. 

"Using technology in emergency situations should be straight-forward and simple enough for anyone to master, yet versatile enough to cater for the needs of very different hospitality environments," Johnson wrote. "The evacuation procedure should be facilitated rather than obstructed by technology."

The use of technologies that facilitate real-time information insertion could help hoteliers communicate information to widely distributed guests quickly and reliably. Additionally, optimizing video broadcast environments for IPTV could enable compatibility between hotel televisions and the mobile devices of guests, according to CIOL. Developing an interactive environment is beneficial for the distribution of regular media content, but in times of duress, the ability to communicate seamlessly with guests in an IPTV environment could make a huge difference in the hotel's ability to respond, inform and protect.

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