'TV Everywhere' movement gains traction, offers opportunities

December 2, 2013 - 10:18am
Mobile apps such as TV Everywhere offer profit and engagement opportunities for network and service providers.

In the effort to expand opportunities in accordance with the multichannel distribution landscape available to today's TV consumer, many cable providers have turned to on-demand options such as "TV Everywhere" to place more content at viewers' fingertips. Over the last few years, numerous cable and network operators have jumped on board the TV Everywhere initiative as means of improving the consumer experience, as well as maximizing targeted ad insertion opportunities and subscription advantages.

As more consumers turn to mobile devices for content, they are well served by TV Everywhere apps, where they can have similar viewing opportunities as they would via over-the-top (OTT) on-demand services, according to Streaming Media. Cable and network providers have enhanced these apps' features, adding social media, device interoperability and personalization options that make for a true personalized experience. 

"The way we're looking at the market is fundamentally we're seeing a shift from a linear TV experience to an on-demand experience," Michael Lantz, CEO of Swedish television marketer Accedo, told the source. "[T]he TV industry, of course, is a huge industry - it's a $300 billion industry, potentially up to $400 billion industry depending on how you count the ad revenues - but it's a huge industry and more or less everything in this industry is related to the linear TV experience."

Leveraging technology for viewing opportunities
Next-generation video transport devices are essential to facilitating a video environment that can move with the speed and dexterity necessary to dominate multichannel distribution. Many companies have been "reluctant to tinker with" what has long been an effective method of delivering video content, with upgrades historically made only as needed, according to Light Reading's Alan Breznick. However, adapting network infrastructure for additional video formats and standards doesn't have to be a pocket-draining process.

Modular receiver decoders are intrinsic to high-functioning, future-proof video broadcast systems. They enable network operators to continue supporting legacy video technologies while preparing systems to handle newer digital standards and codecs. During the transition to an emerging standard such as HEVC, the receiver decoder can enable distribution to continue unfettered while ensuring maximum interoperability. Additionally, these devices are designed with the engineer in mind, presenting a simple user interface to ensure peak monitoring and management capability. As the potential profitability with TV Everywhere apps continues to rise, it's essential for network operators to deploy key upgrades today as they build support systems for tomorrow.

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