The one-person news crew? It's possible, with the right hardware

October 15, 2013 - 4:56pm
A field reporter working on their own may be more flexible in high pressure or crowded environments.

Reporting news in the field doesn't require the massive operation it once did as connection technology improves, becoming more powerful as it grows less cumbersome. Advancements in digital satellite signals allow the one-person news crew to become more commonplace. However, the one-person field reporting team is only possible if operators are willing to invest in satellite news gathering solutions that support optimal QoS monitoring and system interoperability.

Broadcast Engineering contributor Phil Kurz recently wrote about "news loners" - reporters on their own in the field - but said that physical isolation doesn't mean corresponding disconnection from the network support system.

"Relatively recent developers in the industry and the availability of IP-centric solutions are taking the concept of what can be done by one person reporting in the field to a higher level," Kurz wrote.

The one-person crew is more adaptable and may be the better option for high-pressure or remote environments. Multimedia journalism allows reporters to work effectively in a variety of different situations and utilize the latest technology to improve their reporting.

Optimal satellite solutions will be essential to supporting the work of these one-person news crews. The Satellite Modulator is a critical part of digital satellite broadcast environments, saving on bandwidth and matching incoming signals for output on any device.

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