3 benefits of satellite modulators

December 6, 2013 - 5:08pm
Satellite modulators can help ensure that news is effectively broadcast to any device.

Satellite modulators continue to be integral components of video broadcast systems. Currently, satellite TV broadcasting accounts for 78 percent of all satellite-based service revenue, according to a recent IDATE Research study, and significant changes in viewer habits and content delivery make the next few years critical for the industry. Satellite technology continues to offer new opportunities for broadcasters, networks and content providers in both mature and emerging markets, so it's important to integrate the best solutions available into system infrastructure. Here are three benefits of satellite modulators:

1. Robust platform for news gathering
In the age of 24/7 news cycles on a variety of media, ensuring that video coverage of breaking news stories is effectively captured at the remote site and correctly transmitted to satellites is critical. Satellite modulators can be utilized in these sites to facilitate rapid and seamless video transport. A best-of-breed satellite modulation solution can support advanced features such as multistream and VCM with S2 and S2+ modulation technology.

2. Encryption for secure transmission
As hackers develop more creative ways to compromise the integrity of digital transmissions, secure transport is essential. Satellite modulators can offer encryption through basic interoperable scrambling systems (BISS), safeguarding intellectual property rights and information integrity in potentially vulnerable environments. 

3. Support for closed-captioning passthrough
As closed captioning rules become more stringent in over-the-top and digital environments, it's important that closed captioning has a seamless and lossless transmission from broadcaster to satellite, and on through the next headend. The Digital Media Gateway 3000 is one modulation solution that offers premium analysis, multiplexing and input/output support to ensure that closed captioning or other locally-inserted programming makes it to the viewer unimpeded.

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