Satellite modulators stimulate delivery opportunities

December 30, 2013 - 4:04pm
Satellite modulators can help facilitate investment in the rising satellite content delivery market.

As high speed video transport for a variety of device environments accelerates, the potential windfall for satellite content delivery systems continues to grow. Satellite modulators are critical to scaling infrastructure for next-gen throughout and delivery demands and offer opportunities for operators to future-proof their systems.

The market for high throughput satellite (HTS) services, which can provide up to a factor of twenty or more times the throughput of a traditional FSS satellite without an increase in bandwidth consumption, will see increased investment, according to Satellite Today. Thirty-three HTS systems are expected to be launched by 2017, accelerating the growth rate of a phenomena that had seen 31 HTS systems launched during the past decade. HTS capacity is expected to hit 1,400 Gigabits per second worldwide by 2016, while revenues are projected to generate more than $33 billion by 2022. 

As satellite technologies keep up with and potentially outpace broadband development, satellite delivery could be a prime source of investment as content delivery requirements continue to scale upward. In fact, according to Light Reading, satellite TV providers rode increased video subscriptions to a higher market share during the first six months of 2013. Satellite modulators are essential to premium video transmission.

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