OTT video footprint continues to expand

November 25, 2013 - 3:06pm
OTT video is witnessing surges in market growth and viewership around the globe.

The popularity of over-the-top (OTT) video transport continues to climb, as several recent studies indicate. StreamingMedia shared the results of The Diffusion Group's recent "Video Behavior in the Age of Quantum Media" report, which found significant increases in OTT living room viewing. The fact that there isn't really any extra viewing equipment required from the consumer side of things may be largely responsible for the rise in OTT viewing, as anyone with a solid Internet connection can typically take advantage of such services.

The survey specifically found that adults utilizing broadcast Internet who already viewed OTT video on their televisions actually increased their TV viewing time compared to last year. In fact, 24 percent of the 2,012 U.S. adults polled indicated that they had increased their OTT viewing significantly, with 28.5 percent expressing they had expanded OTT viewing slightly. An additional 33.7 percent maintained that their OTT video consumption stayed the same.

OTT market highly competitive
OTT isn't just an opportunity for consumers - for network providers and broadcasters, the future also looks bright. A recent Research and Markets study of the global OTT subscription video on demand market found that North America competition is high. Specifically, there are more than 25 OTT SVOD service providers in the North American region as of 2013.

"Consumers these days demand a personalized viewing experience and a large variety of content selection," the report stated. "OTT services, allowing for multiscreen viewing options, are well suited to fulfill these expectations. The ever increasing penetration of smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, worldwide, are further augmenting the demand for OTT services."

The report stated that OTT SVOD service providers are working to provide original programming to their subscribers viewable on the device of their choosing. The OTT SVOD market is expected to top $8 billion by 2017, comprised of earnings from more than 120 million subscribers peppered across the globe. Network providers targeting best-of-breed multichannel distribution need to be equipped with MPEG4 decoders to enable the proper compression and delivery of audio and visual digital data.

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