Monitoring solutions needed to alleviate increasing demand

October 29, 2013 - 12:03pm
Monitoring solutions are critical to optimizing video delivery.

Today's networks are responsible for more compressed media than ever. Not only are more files in play, but more types of distribution formats demand attention - while new compression standards such as MPEG-4/H.264 are rolled out and newer ones like HEVC/H.265 are being tested and evaluated, more mature formats such as MPEG-2, remain in wide use. Some satellite and cable systems use their own digital standards, and service integrators are increasingly called upon to combine different formats within the same broadcast.

Integrating top Quality of Service (QoS​) monitoring tools in the system is the only way to ensure that the right content is delivered in the right format. 

  • File-based monitoring tools, such as the automated File-Based Media Scanner, are critical to testing and monitoring a variety of files, including video-on-demand, adaptive bitrate (OTT), and digital-cinema, to ensure quality
  • System monitoring solutions like the VideoBRIDGE system are essential for continuous monitoring of OTT and IPTV environments. The VB120C and VB330 are blade-based platforms that improve interoperability through measurement and monitoring of all compression standards.
  • Portable solutions such as the VB12-RF IP and QAM/8VSB Monitoring Probe offer adaptable local and remote monitoring of terrestrial and cable applications,  as well as field testing and network analysis for both mature and next-generation networks.
  • Head-end monitoring using a Transport Stream Monitor, such as the TSM 1770,  provides versatile and real-time QoS monitoring for local and remote broadcasts, identifies signal faults and offers monitoring of ASI, QAM, SMPTE310M, 8VSB and Ethernet signals.

Sencore provides reliable, cost-effective solutions for signal transmission and content delivery. Take a look at our complete End-to-End monitoring solutions here. Our state-of-the-art monitoring solutions effectively meet the challenges of digital video delivery, troubleshooting signal issues with real-time and file-based analysis to ensure that audiences receive the highest quality video experience on any device. Contact us today to learn more.

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