Mobile viewing changes the way people watch content

September 18, 2013 - 3:13pm
Mobile devices have driven a need for optimized small-screen video delivery solutions.

It wasn't long ago that the biggest challenge for content providers and broadcasters was how to optimize video quality and bandwidth usage for larger and larger TV screens. Now, the rise of the smallest screens is driving the need for broadcasters to rethink their delivery systems for multichannel distribution.

A recent report by the Ericsson ConsumerLab found that 72 percent of consumers use their mobile devices to view videos at least once a week. Forty-two percent of these consumers do so outside of their homes. The volume of mobile viewing is not the only interesting aspect of the study's findings - the way that mobile had already changed viewing habits is a strong indicator of what those in the industry can expect over the next several years.

For instance, mobile viewing isn't just restricted to younger demographics. About 41 percent of people aged 65 to 69 utilize stream on-demand or time shifted video content one or more times a week. YouTube has been a driving force in this change, as people use the channel to re-watch favorite clips, learn from instructional videos and engage with user-generated content that can't be found anywhere else. This practice contributes to an increase in "relaxation viewing," according to Broadcast Engineering contributor Michael Grotticelli, in which users spend more of their time accessing video on demand and online content and reserve their TVs for "appointment viewing" of shows like "Homeland" and "Breaking Bad".

Broadcasters need tools that can deliver quality video over IP and to mobile devices in order to meet the rising expectations of consumers. Video transcoders provide premium bandwidth solutions and support single or multiple MPEG-2 video transport streams. 

Sencore provides reliable, cost-effective solutions for signal transmission and content delivery. Our line of transcoders optimize video compression for bandwidth savings and maximum configuration flexibility, maintaining peak delivery capacity for multichannel distribution environments. Contact us today to learn more.

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