Video transcoders optimize broadcaster and viewer experiences

November 8, 2013 - 12:42pm
As viewing options increase, network operators are strategizing future developments.

The recently-wrapped NYC Television Week saw a good deal of discussion over next steps for broadcasting and cable regarding the budding opportunities available in multichannel distribution. Viewer options are expanding and driving changes in the way content is delivered. 

Dade Hayes, the executive editor of Broadcasting & Cable, recently wrote about the main topics discussed during a Forbes event this week. He said that those in attendance were in agreement that the traditional broadcast programming conventions, including pilot development, ad insertion and schedule development, will adhere to traditional models, with a few key changes in light of new technologies and opportunities. In particular, network operators are strategizing and developing new formats for commercial insertion into on-demand content. AMC Networks COO Ed Carroll stated that optimizing ad content in on-demand viewing is imperative to generate ad revenue that supports creation of top-quality shows. 

Providing customization of content delivery in video broadcast systems is key to television service providers as they must keep up with changing viewer habits, according to Wired contributor Sam Vasisht. Solutions such as video transcoders are essential for this level of next-gen content delivery. Transcoders can be leveraged to provide better ad insertion capacity and more seamless delivery of live and on-demand programming.

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