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The VB120 modular BROADCAST PROBE is designed for continuous digital TV monitoring. System scalability in terms of monitoring capacity, signal formats handled and functionality ensures a future-proof solution. The ability to continuously measure all your media services makes the VB120 invaluable for confidence monitoring.


The VB220 IP-PROBE is a monitoring platform for all applications in any network where digital video is carried across an IP infrastructure. This network service tool is ideal for both pure IPTV networks and hybrid networks with IP transport cores (such as digital cable and terrestrial networks).


The VB242 ASI input option card allows operators real-time high density ASI monitoring or switched ASI round-robin monitoring for remote or head-end applications. With up to 13 ASI inputs in a 1 RU chassis in combination with the VB220 or VB120 controllers, the VB242 is perfect for existing infrastructures in the head-end and the regional edge-multiplexer/ modulator/ transmitter site.


VB252 is a dual input DVB-T/T2 input interface module that enables monitoring of digital terrestrial transmissions. Two modules may be housed in a 1RU chassis together with a controlling VB120 or VB220 probe, providing high monitoring capacity occupying a minimum of rack space.


The VB262 QAM/8VSB input blade offers monitoring of QAM signals as found in cable networks and digital terrestrial signals found in 8VSB networks. Each VB262 blade has two independent tuners. One is enabled by default and the other is enabled with the VB262RF-LICENSE.


The VB330 Probe is the flagship in Sencore’s VideoBRIDGE products line. With line-speed 10G performance and a massive multiprocessor architecture, the VB330 can deliver monitoring and analytics of thousands of streams and a multitude of technologies in real-time and in parallel.


The Sencore controller (VBC) is a server application, its main purpose being to offer central control and management of all Sencore devices. The VBC gives unprecedented insight into network health and the flow of media streams.


The microVB™ is a breakthrough in both form-factor and functionality for real-time analysis of customer home network performance. This unobtrusive device provides deep packet inspection and end-to-end visibility in broadcast quality media delivery over any IP based infrastructure.

VideoBridge Product Family --  the most comprehensive family of digital television monitoring and measurement products in the world.


The VB272 input card offers monitoring and analysis of QPSK/8/16/32APSK signals found in DVB-S/S2 satellite transponders. A chassis can be equipped with a VB120 or VB220 PROBE controller and up to two VB272 input cards under its control.


The VB7880 Objective QoE Content Extractor performs objective video and audio measurements of MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC streams and offers remote video-wall capability. The VB7880 content extractor offers thumbnail and metadata extraction for up to 100 TV multicast streams concurrently via GigE interfaces.


The VB266 QAM DVB-C/C2 RF input blade brings support for the latest cable modulation standards to the VideoBRIDGE product line. With support for QAM16 all the way to QAM4096, the VB266 includes all the modulation formats needed for modern networks with high-density MPTS transports. Each VB266 includes two independent tuners.

The VideoBRIDGE Archive Server provides powerful data recording and archiving capabilities with minimal setup and configuration. When connected to the VideoBridge Controller, the VB-Archive Server automatically activates the VBC’s Timeline analysis capability for an extremely powerful new way to analyze historical data in depth.
The VB273 provides full dual-path redundancy with autonomous operation and deep signal analysis on both signal paths for unprecedented switching decision making. Front panel controls with innovative illuminated signal path visualization and light illuminated buttons give local control and excellent visual overview of switching operations.

The VB256 ISDB-T(b) RF input blade brings support for the latest ISDB terrestrial modulation standards to the VideoBRIDGE product line. With support for all modern ISDB-T system modes, the VB256 includes all the modulation formats needed to monitor modern ISDB-T broadcast systems. Each VB256 includes two independent tuners.


The VB7810 VideoBRIDGE Archive Lite is Sencore’s answer to the growing need to monitor, archive and investigate the as-run status of video services.


The VB220-DMG blade is similar to the flagship VB220 controller blade for all applications in any network where digital video is carried across an IP infrastructure.

  • Future proof for long life deployments
  • Optimize Headend performance
  • Install on standard Intel hardware
  • Fully VMware and OpenStack compliant
  • Feature parity to HW VB330
  • Option equality and license equality
The VB440 appliance with Instruments View enables full insight into IP-based uncompressed media in SMPTE2110 and SMPTE2022-6 formats.
VideoBRIDGE Nomad Pro
With support for almost all modern broadcast delivery technologies, Nomad Pro is the Swiss Army knife of digital media monitoring. It enables instant understanding and deep analytics of OTT multiscreen streams, IP multicasts, SDIoIP, ASI, satellite, terrestrial and cable sources. Nomad Pro covers all the monitoring needs encountered in hybrid IP multicast, OTT and RF networks.
The VB380-CC combines the powerful 10G QoS stream monitoring of Sencore VideoBRIDGE probes with the QoE, caption analysis and thumbnail extraction capabilities of the VideoBRIDGE VB7880. This high-density, all-in-one product with monitoring support for up to 1000 services, is ideally suited for the large stream counts of today’s MSOs and other media delivery networks.
The VB243 ASI Intelligent Redundancy Switch Kit leverages Sencore’s proven VideoBRIDGE stream monitoring capabilities into a full, dual-path redundancy switch with autonomous operation. It provides deep signal analysis on both signal paths for unprecedented switching decision making.