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HEVC SD/HD Distribution Receiver Decoder
Sencore’s MRD 4400 is a truly universal MPEG2/H264/HEVC receiver decoder for local content collection, backhaul, digital turnaround, IP encapsulation, and multichannel distribution applications.

HEVC Contribution Receiver Decoder
Sencore’s top-of-the-line MRD 5800 supports MPEG2/H264/HEVC, HD/SD, 4:2:2/4:2:0, and 10/8-bit formats to deliver your highest quality video feeds.

HEVC & 4KTV Live and File-based Encoder/Transcoders
Sencore’s TXS 8600/8400 provides MPEG2, H264, and HEVC encoding and transcoding at up to 4KTV resolutions for HEVC proof-of-concept testing, 4KTV media file preparation and adaptive bitrate content repurposing.

HEVC & 4KTV Content Analysis Toolkit
Sencore’s CMA 1820 includes compliance checks, ES extraction and stream trimming tools to launch HEVC and 4KTV proof-of-concept trials, perform thorough HEVC product shoot-outs, and validate compliance when building out new HEVC services.


High-Density Receiving, Decoding, and Stream Processing System (AG 5800, AG 4400, AG 2600)
Provides up to 10 channels of space and power efficient decoding and transport stream processing in a 2RU chassis. All cards include options for ASI inputs, MPEG-over-IP interfaces, Satellite inputs, BISS, and DVB-CI descrambling.

  • The AG 5800 Contribution Decoder Card with 4:2:2 10-bit decoding is perfect for receiving multiple feeds from large outdoor events and remote newsgathering teams.
  • The AG 4400 Distribution Decoder Card provides a low-cost-per-channel solution for HD/SD 4:2:0 decoding for distribution monitoring and re-encoding applications.
  • The AG 2600 Receiver/Processor Card includes advanced PID/service filtering and descrambling capabilities for multichannel digital turnaround and IP gateway applications.



Compressed Media Analyzer for OTT/ABR and Audio Loudness (CMA 1820)
An enhanced OTT/ABR analysis engine automates the handling of complex ABR file structures and verifies regulatory compliance of captions and subtitles for web based video streams. In addition, the new Audio Loudness option provides comprehensive ATSC A/85 and EBU-R128 compliance checking, enabling broadcasters to eliminate annoying audio level changes between channels and during commercial breaks.

HEVC, DVB-T/T2, and Remote Video Wall Monitoring (VideoBRIDGE System)
Sencore’s QoS/QoE blades, probes, and servers support monitoring of HEVC video services. The new VB7880 decodes MPEG2, H264, and HEVC thumbnails, and provides a unique web-browser based “remote video wall” to easily monitor the health of multiple video and audio services in one view and from any location. The industry’s first real-time SFN Drift monitoring for DVB-T2 with advanced alarming ensures perfect SFN alignment across the entire transmission chain to help broadcasters keep services on the air 24/7.

DVB-T/T2 USB RF Receiver and Software (DTU-238, RFXpert)
The affordable and compact USBpowered probe and software enable users to analyze DVB-T/T2 RF and digital modulation parameters, as well as record and monitor transport streams from T/T2 transmissions.

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SENCORE APPLICATION SEMINARS (Click here to reserve a free seat)

“HEVC in the Real World”
• Video compression basics
• How does HEVC work? How does it compare to AVC?
• Advantages of HEVC in primary distribution
• Applications and timelines for HEVC
-OTT streaming and web content
-4k Video
-Real-time primary distribution
-Contribution and SNG

“S2X and Carrier ID: Understanding New Modulation Technologies”
•Technical overview of S2X
•S2X for video distribution
•DVB-CID: What does it mean and how does it work?

“Key Monitoring Considerations for DVB-T/T2 and T2MI”
•Comparison of DVB-T and DVB-T2
•Overview of Single Frequency Networks (SFN)
•Introduction to T2MI and Multiple PLPs
•DVB-T/T2 Monitoring Basics
•Additional Tests for SFN Systems and T2MI

“Cocktail and Technology” Reception
Sencore will be hosting a cocktail reception Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday evening during IBC Hall 1, Stand F56, 16:00 - Stop by for a drink and a demonstration featuring our extensive line of receiver decoder and digital turn around products. Schedule now!

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