January 3, 2013 - 11:57am

Nomination for Technology at Work – Category New Studio or RF Technology KCET-TV!

Sencore’s Integrated Receiver Decoder line, DVB-S2 to Composite IRD 

When Los Angeles-area community television station KCET-TV sold its broadcast home of 40-plus years, it provided the opportunity to create a brand-new broadcast and media facility.

The goal was to design a broadcast facility using a predominately file-based workflow. The space included the fifth and sixth floors of a new high-rise in Burbank, CA, where nothing stood beyond bare concrete floors. The Systems Group joined forces with the KCET team to develop the broadcast design. Krismar Construction broke ground later that month, with the goal of turning over the broadcast area to integration by mid-December. In the meantime, The Systems Group spent time with the KCET team developing the broadcast design. The KCET team determined their preferred file system was XDCAM, choosing XOR Media servers and Avid editors to work natively in that format. Marina from Pebble Beach Systems was chosen as the broadcast automation system…. Read the complete story!

Nomination for Technology at Work - Category Newsroom Technology CBS News!

Sencore’s Modular Receiver Decoder, MRD 3187B 

CBS News is consistently at the forefront of technology. Recently, the network began exploring the benefits of IP-based newsgathering via corporate LAN/WAN. By delivering video from a wide range of bureaus located around the world over its IP corporate network to headquarters back in New York City, CBS News could dramatically save on fiber and satellite bandwidth costs, as well as more easily cover certain breaking news events.

The main objectives of the project were to minimize expenses by leveraging existing and new technologies, while also ensuring an excellent video quality. A key challenge was convincing the company’s corporate IT department that CBS News transmissions could utilize existing corporate bandwidth without causing any quality of service issues to the network. Working closely with members of the IT department, CBS News’ engineering team experimented with transmitting video and audio over the IP network from different locations such as Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco to New York, and evaluated the impact of the transmissions on the network. Ultimately, the testing proved that CBS News transmissions would not impact network bandwidth…. Read the complete story!