Executive Leadership

Jeff Zhu

Jeff Zhu has more than 17 years experience in sales and marketing in the US. Prior to WellAV, he was the Marketing Director of Boerhringer Ingelheim, responsible for a $1 Billion pharmaceutical production line. He started his career as an investment analyst and a management consultant in Bain &Company, providing investment and strategy recommendations for leading multinational companies in Asia. Mr. Zhu received B.A. in journalism from University of International Relations and M.B.A. in marketing from the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania.

Dana Nachreiner
Vice President of Operations

As vice president of operations, Dana Nachreiner leads the company’s Sioux Falls-based engineers and technology experts. His responsibilities include the New Products Committee and New Product Development process. In his 24 years at SENCORE, Mr. Nachreiner has managed patents and trademarks in addition to being the company’s point person for critical and strategic relationships. He holds a bachelor of science in business administration and a master of business administration degree from the University of South Dakota.

Jeff Briden
Vice President of Engineering

During more than 18 years at SENCORE, Jeff Briden has helped move the company into new technologies and markets such as HDTV, 8-VSB, advance digital modulation, MPEG-2, and H.264 video delivery. Known for his innovative thinking, he holds a patent for the method of 8-VSB signal generation used in the world’s first portable HDTV RF stream player. He was instrumental in developing SENCORE’s MRD-3187 series professional IRD, which has been widely adopted by broadcasters, satellite providers and cable MSOs. Mr. Briden earned his bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering with emphasis on fiber optic communications from Texas A&M University.