SENCORE Offers High-Density, Card-Based Decode Solution for MPEG Over IP Video

LAS VEGAS  April 12, 2010  SENCORE, a leading provider of signal quality and video delivery solutions, today introduced the aG-1826, a high-density IP de-encapsulator featuring six ASI outputs. When coupled with the SENCORE aG-3802 input decoder, the aG-1826 provides a cost-effective, card-based decode solution for monitoring MPEGoIP-carried video, and is also effective for decoding and monitoring multiple SD and HD channels either in a head-end or at other points within a network.

With six transport stream outputs, a single aG-1826 card can deliver input to as many as six decoders, making it ideal across many applications — from contribution to primary distribution and intra-facility routing. The aG-1826 base module fits into SENCORE’s aG-3800 or equivalent openGear™ chassis to de-encapsulate MPEGoIP data and output the transport stream(s) to any of the ASI ports on the card. This unsurpassed flexibility also enables the user to specify a redundancy scenario by adding a backup IP source for each ASI output.  

“Coupled with the aG-3802, the new aG-1826 helps increase efficiency by providing a fully integrated, high-density, IP decode system that completely eliminates the need for outside IP-to-ASI conversion,” said Thomas Stingley, executive vice president of sales and marketing at SENCORE. “Now more than ever, contribution and primary distribution operations are looking for ways to reduce operational costs, and SENCORE will continue to help facilities achieve this goal with our new aG-1826 card, as well as our entire line of video-over-IP monitoring and format conversion products.”

SENCORE will release the aG-1826 IP de-encapsulator in May and will offer demonstrations this week at its NAB Booth, SU4310.