SENCORE TSS3530A Server Resolves Split-Spot Cable Conundrum for KSEE-TV

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  May 26, 2010  SENCORE, a leading provider of signal quality and video delivery solutions, today announced that KSEE-TV is deploying the company’s cost-effective TSS3530A video server as a platform for frame-accurate, split-spot ad insertion. KSEE is the NBC affiliate in Fresno, Calif.


At KSEE, commercial audio and video content — sourced as a transport stream file — is converted into MPEG-2 and AC3, and transrated for insertion by Telestream FlipFactory®. Along with its relevant 608/708 closed captioning, the fully-prepped content is then stored in a playlist on the TSS3530A server. Commercial spots are delivered from DG Systems as either SD or HD MPEG, and the Telestream platform then encodes a Transport Stream (.TS file) at 1080i. One of three streams in the network multiplex is selected for insertion. As network content flows through the server, ASI-in/ASI-out, Sundance automation triggers frame-accurate, cut-in and cut-out of clips from the stored stream. Integrated by SENCORE partner Heartland Video Systems, the solution enables KSEE to split advertising spots — playing cable TV ads in off-air programming for non-cable subscribers, and different ads for cable subscribers.


“SENCORE’s TSS3530A has proven to be the right tool for the job,” said Dave Buckowski, senior broadcast and IT engineer, KSEE-TV. “We have received inquiries about how we solved the problem of split-spot ad insertion, and when we do, I recommend the TSS3530A. In addition, we have received top-notch sales and technical support both from Heartland and from SENCORE.”


SENCORE’s versatile TSS3530A video server provides a platform for as many as four concurrent ASI ingest and play-out ports, plus Gig-e ingest and streaming of unicast and multicast traffic. Features include delay, playlist, demultiplex and remultiplex of live and stored streams, faster than real-time segment concatenation, and a cutter utility. TheTSS3530A video server is equipped to process SD and HD in both MPEG-4/H.264 and MPEG-2 formats, eliminating the need to upgrade if a content provider moves to HD or to a new codec. Because the server works in the compressed domain, audio and video quality remains high, and onboard storage is abundant.


“KSEE’s use of the TSS3530 server is a fine example of how SENCORE provides key technologies to solve tricky problems for our customers,” said Thomas Stingley, SENCORE executive vice president, sales and marketing. “A hallmark of SENCORE solutions is the versatility to enable smooth integration with partner technologies. The implementation of the SENCORE server for split-spot ad insertion at KSEE is a good illustration of both up- and downstream integrations.”


The SENCORE TSS3530A is ideal for storage, delay, ingest, play-out, disaster recovery, and ad insertion for the global broadcast, satellite, cable, hospitality, and IPTV markets. For more information, visit