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High-Density QoS/Caption Probe

The VB380 combines the powerful 10G stream monitoring of Sencore VideoBRIDGE probes with the caption analysis and thumbnail extraction capabilities of the VideoBRIDGE VB7880 into a single high-density product. With monitoring support for up to 1000 service in a 1RU appliance, the VB380 is ideally suited for the large stream counts of today’s MSOs and other media delivery networks.
Measurement analytics are available via easy drill-down functionality and the patented MediaWindow™ technology simplifies monitoring and analysis of IP jitter and packet loss data. Perform deep ETR 101 290 analysis on all 1000 streams with all priority levels covered - Level 1, 2, 3 and including continuity count and PCR accuracy.
In addition to IP stream monitoring, the VB380 supports video thumbnail generation and closed caption extraction and alarming for up to 1000 services. The video thumbnails and captions can be passed to an external VideoBRIDGE archive server for long term investigation or the data can be extracted by 3rd-party systems using the comprehensive API. Built-in real time viewing of recent captions and caption control messages and also alarming for caption service presense and quailty aid in quickly solving caption issues.
  • IP jitter (inter-arrival time) and packet loss
  • ETR 101 290 - layer 1,2,3 performed on all streams including continuity count and PCR accuracy
  • Bitrate monitoring for streams/services/PIDs
  • Deep MPEG table analysis and viewing
  • SCTE35 logging and analysis
  • Closed caption monitoring for CEA-608/708 and SCTE-20/21 on up to 1000 Services
  • Closed caption quality monitoring including tests for missing caption services
  • IP Stream Monitoring
    Monitor up to 1000 multicasts and be alerted to dropped packets, continuity count errors and other stream issues such as ETR290. Ensure jitter and PCR accuracy are within specifications
  • Caption Monitoring and Extraction
    Monitor caption presense and quality in real time and extract captions for long-term compliance assurance
Input Type: 10GbE x2
IP Connector Type: SFP+
Input Stream Count: Up to 1000 Streams/Services
Addressing: IP Unicasts or Multicasts
Container Formats: MPEG Transport Stream
Video CODECs: MPEG-2, H.264, H.265/HEVC
Service Count: Up to 1000 Services
Extractable Content: Video Thumbnails, Captions, Caption Control Messages
Extraction Method: VB380 EII (XML-based API) (External Integration Interface)
Connector: RJ45 10/100/1000
User Interfaces: Web GUI
Automation Interfaces:
SNMP Status/Control/Traps
XML-Based AP
Chassis Size: 1RU Rackmount
Power: Dual, hot-swappable supplies