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High-Density QoS/QoE Probe with Archiving

The VB380-CC combines the powerful 10G QoS stream monitoring of Sencore VideoBRIDGE probes with the QoE, caption analysis and thumbnail extraction capabilities of the VideoBRIDGE VB7880. This high-density, all-in-one product with monitoring support for up to 1000 services, is ideally suited for the large stream counts of today’s MSOs and other media delivery networks.
The patented MediaWindow™ technology simplifies IP stream QoS monitoring by visualizing IP jitter and packet loss results. Deep ETR 101 290 analysis is performed on all 1000 streams with all priority levels covered (1/2/3) and including continuity count and PCR accuracy.
In addition to IP stream QoS monitoring, the VB380-CC supports QoE monitoring, video thumbnail generation and closed caption extraction and alarming for all 1000 services. This functionality allows the user to quickly find and identify quality issues within the video, audio and captions.
The massive onboard storage capabilities of the VB380-CC allow up to 2 years of archving of the video thumbnails, captions and other QoE/QoS data. The built-in Timeline view allows easy navigation to all archived content and provides proof-positive compliance verification for all government manadates. The monitoring data can also be extracted by 3rd-party systems using the comprehensive API.
  • Full QoS/QoE Monitoring for 1000 Services
    Full QoS and QoE tests performed on 1000 services simultaneously to provide complete confidence in video delivery. Tests include IP jitter, packet loss, ETR290, MOS, freeze frame and audio loudness.
  • Caption Extraction and Alarming
    Validate captions on all 1000 monitored services including alarming based on caption errors and viewing of all caption syntax.
  • Two Years of Captions and Analytics Archiving
    Store video thumbnails, full caption data and QoS/QoE metrics for all services for up to 2 years. View and navigate through archived data using the intuitive Timeline visualization.
  • Web-Based Management and Control with API
    Intuitive web GUI provides full control and display of all current and past monitoring results. Network-wide oversightl and aggregation of all probe data using the VideoBRIDGE controller product. API
  • IP Stream Monitoring
    Monitor streams and be alerted to dropped packets, continuity count errors and other stream issues such as ETR290. Ensure jitter and PCR accuracy are within specifications to avoid delivery issues.
  • Caption Issue Investigation
    Investigate caption quality and delivery issues. Find problematic captions during certain time periods or programs.
  • Legal Compliance Verification
    Store caption and loudness history for long periods of time. Retreive past data to allow responding to consumer/government complaints or other legal inquiries..