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High-Density Caption Archive Server

The VB390 provides users with long-term archiving of video and caption data in a secure and redundant server system. The system is capable of storing video thumbnails and all caption data from up to 4000 services for up to 2 years.
The video thumbnails and captions can be retrieved for investigative and report reasons. With the intuitive web-based timeline view, users can quickly and easily navigate through the archived content to find the exact time or content needed for analysis or reporting.
  • Securely store caption data for CEA-608/708 and SCTE-20/21
  • Web-based Timeline UI allows quick navigation through stored caption data per service
  • View captions intermixed with video thumbnails to help validate caption accuracy
  • Expand caption view to see actual caption control data on every service
  • Legal Compliance Verification
    Store caption history for the long time periods. Retreive past caption data to allow responding to consumer complaints, FCC complaints or other legal inquiries.
  • Caption Issue Investigation
    Investigate caption quality and delivery issues. Find problematic captions during certain time periods or programs.
Input Type:100/1000 or 10GbE
IP Connector Type: RJ45 or SFP+
User Interface: Web GUI
Caption Data Source: VB380 or VB7880
Service Count: Up to 4000 Services
Storage Duration: Up to 2 Years
Content Archived: Video Thumbnails, Captions, Caption Control Data
Archiving Retrieval: Web-Based Timeline View
Chassis Size: 4RU Rackmount
Storage Size: Up to 540TB with significant redundancy capabilities
Power: Dual, hot-swappable supplies