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DekTec Advanced Dual GigE Card


Advanced network card with two GigE ports for PCIe with DtGrabber+, DtTV and StreamXpress software.

  • Hardware-assisted zero-jitter play-out of many IP streams
  • Double buffering of a single logical TS on two network ports, for highly available systems
  • Checksum computation and insertion in hardware, offloading the CPU
  • Generation of two-dimensional FEC for outgoing IP streams with programmable D and L
  • Advanced IPv4/IPv6 address matcher in hardware to offload the driver
  • Checksum validation
  • Combination of two redundant RTP streams into one for highly available systems
  • Time stamping of incoming IP packets for jitter analysis and monitoring
  • Advanced network interface for IP-based DTV processing systems on PC servers
  • Highly available IP systems


Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Physical layer: IEEE 802.3ab
Data rate: 100/1000 auto sense
Connector: RJ-45 with LEDs
IP: IPv4, IPv6, IGMP v3
Transport Streams: Unlimited
Aggregated TS rate: max. 950Mbit/s
Protocol: UDP or RTP + opt. FEC, Unicast of Multicast
*Limited only by cumulative TS rate and PC resources

OS: Win XP/2k3/Vista/2k8/7, Linux 2.6, 3.x, 32 and 64bit
PCI compliancy: PCI Express v1.1, PCIe x 4