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DekTec ASI/SDI Output USB Probe


The DTU 205 FantASI ASI/SDI output adapter that provides a convenient, portable device that can be used for generation of either a MPEG2 transport stream (DVB-ASI) or uncompressed serial digital video (SDI).

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Convenient, compact USB adapter that can be used to generate MPEG transport streams (DVB-ASI) or uncompressed serial digital video (SDI)
  • Supports all video and audio codecs and formats that are supported by the MPEG transport stream and SDI standards
  • Easily-installable replacement of PCI based ASI and/or SDI output card
  • USB full and high speed operation
  • USB powered, no separate power supply required
  • 8Mbytes local buffer for sustained generation of digital video streams or for storage of SDI test patterns
  • Support for continuous, burst and time stamped MPEG2 packet transmission
  • Comes with free:
    • Windows-2000/XP/2003 driver and software Development kit for developing custom applications
    • Example source code for stream player
  • DTU-205SP is a bundle of DTU-205 and StreamXpress (DTC-300) player software
  • Connect multiple FantASI adapters to a single PC or Notebook, to create multiple ASI/SDI input and/or output channels
  • Universal USB adapter for Notebook and PC applications that have to generate an ASI or SDI digital video stream
  • Ideal for demos and experiments

Connector: 75Ω BNC (2x)
Physical layer: EN50083-9
Bit rate: 0 to 214 Mbit/s
Bit rate resolution: <1 bit/s
Transmit jitter: 70ns p-p max*
Packet size in bytes: 188 or 204**
Physical layer: SMPTE 259M
Bit rate: 270 Mbit/s
#Bits: 8 or 10 bit

* In continuous mode
** Arbitrary packet size in raw mode

DTA-100: ASI Output Adapter for PCI Bus
DTA-140: ASI In+Output Adapter for PCI Bus
DTU-225: USB-2 ASI/SDI Input Adapter
DTC-300: StreamXpress Player Software

DTU-205: USB-2 ASI/SDI output adapter
DTU-205SP: DTU-205 with StreamXpress™