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DekTec Dual DVB-SPI Output


The DTA 102 is a PC-based solution that offers high speed TS output that is compliant to DVB-SPI standards as defined in DVB BlueBook A010 rev.1 and EN50083-9. It offers support for the use of external signal adapters and external clock input.

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • High speed transport stream output, compliant to DVB-SPI (synchronous parallel interface) as defined in DVB BlueBook A010 rev 1 and EN50083-9
  • Support for external signal adapters
  • Clock rate from 0 to 13.5 MHz with software selectable clock source:
    • external clock input
    • on board clock generator
  • Short circuit detection with LED indicator
  • 8Mbytes on-board buffer
  • Hardware assisted NULL packet insertion
  • Packet sizes supported: 130, 188, 192 and 204 bytes; arbitrary size in raw mode
  • Transmit modes for adding 16 bytes to 188 byte packets and for invalidating last 16 bytes of 204 byte packets
  • Comes with free:
    • Windows-XP/2k3/Vista and Linux device driver and software development kit for developing custom applications
    • Example source code for stream player
  • General purpose DVB-SPI output adapter for PC based applications generating an MPEG2 transport stream
  • DTA-102 with DTC-300 StreamXpress: versatile MPEG2 transport stream test generator with 8 bit parallel LVDS or TTL (with DTT-01) output
  • Laboratory test signal generator

Physical layer: DVB-SPI (LVDS)
DVB-SPI connector: 25-pin sub-D
External-clock connector: 50Ω SMA
DVB-SPI clock rate: 0 to 13.5MHz
Clock-generator resolution: <0.1Hz
Transmit bitrate: 0 to 108Mbit/s
Packet size in bytes: 130,188,192,204*
Target-adapter power supply: 5V, 2A

DTT-01/TTL: LVDS to TTL converter for DTA-102
DTE-CA25: 1.5m or 2.5m DVB-SPI cable
DTE-MF25: DTA-102 to DTT-01 cable
DTA-122: DVB-SPI input adapter for PCI bus

DTA-102-SP: DVB-SPI output adapter for PCI bus with StreamXpress player software