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DekTec Real-Time Multiplexer

DTC-700 MuxXpert
  • Real-time MPEG2 remultiplexing
  • PSI and DVB-SI generation and insertion
  • Integrated file players

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Real-time multiplexing and re-multiplexing of live Transport Streams
  • Integrated file players for the insertion of local content from disk into live streams
  • Allows re-multiplexing of services and service components from any input to any output
  • Automatic PSI and DVB-SI extraction, re-generation and insertion
  • Recording of output Transport Stream
  • Monitoring, control and programmatic access to the configuration through the MuxXpert API
  • Runs on a standard or industrial PC with all DekTec input and output adapters
  • Flexible configuration allows adaptation of PIDs, services, tables, descriptors, etc.
  • User interface provides information about services, components and bitrates in the input and output Transport Streams
  • Master and head-end re-multiplexing
  • Local program insertion
  • Generating transport stream bouquets
  • Creation of fully customized Transport Streams from files and live feeds

Number of TS Inputs: 0 to 64*
Number of TS Outputs: 1 to 64*
Number of File Players: 0 to 32*
Sum of Input Rates: 0 to 300Mbit/s
Sum of Output Rates: 0 to 300Mbit/s

* Not all combinations are allowed and depend on CPU speed and RAM. A limited number of channels are shown in the UI.

DTC-335-SY: SdEye SDI analysis software
DTC-345-DVB+: DVB analyzer advanced analysis
DTC-350-PRO: VISUALmpeg, MPEG/AVC video ES and quality analyzer

* For evaluation and demos, not recommended for operational use.

Platform: Windows XP/2k3/Vista/Win7 1GB .. 4GB
Processor: P4@3.0Ghz, Core (2), Core i7

DTC-700-MX: MuxXpert MPEG-2 multiplexer
DTDONG-1-MX: MuxXpert license on a USB dongle

5.0 to 8.0MHz