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DekTec StreamXpert 2.0 TS Analysis Software


The DTC-320 StreamXpert software provides you with full decoding of DVB/SI and ASTC/PSIP information. It also monitors in real time for TR 101 290 signal compliance. With real time analysis, monitoring, and recording along with detailed statistics on PID services and table data, the DTC-320 is the perfect, economical MPEG2 troubleshooting tool.

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Real-time analysis, monitoring and recording of MPEG2 transport streams
  • Provides detailed statistics on PIDs, services and tables found in the transport stream
  • Deep decoding of PSI, DVB-SI, DVB-RCS and ATSC-PSIP tables and descriptors
  • User definable TR 101 290 templates
  • Integrated SD/HD video and audio decoder with support for MPEG2 / H.264 / HEVC video and MPEG-1 / MPEG2 / (HE-)AAC / AC3 / AC4 audio
  • Support for analyzing TSoIP streams via a DTA-160 or a local network port
  • The world's most cost-effective and user friendly MPEG2 transport stream analyzer
  • Test and validation of equipment with transport stream output, e.g. multiplexers
  • Quality monitoring of MPEG-2 Transport Streams in Studios, head ends, etc.
  • Combine with a DTU-245 and a notebook for a truly portable TS analyzer

DVB-ASI: DTA-115, DTA-145, DTA-160, DTA-2144B, DTA-2145, DTA-2152, DTA-2154, DTA-2160, DTA-2174, DTE-3120, DTU-245
Receivers: DTA-2131, DTA-2136, DTA-2137C, DTA-2138B, DTA-2139, DTE-3137, DTU-236A, DTU-238, DTU-234, DTU-235, DTU-236
TSoIP: DTA-160, DTA-2160, DTA-2162, PC network port

DTC-335-SY: SdEye SDI analysis software
DTC-720-XP: Xpect 24/7 TS monitoring software
DTC-300: StreamXpress TS Player

Platform: Windows XP/2k3/Vista/2k8/7/8/10
Processor: Core i5 (SD-decoding) Core i7* (HD-decoding)
GPU: Mid- or high-end graphics card for decoding HD video

* Or equivalent AMD processor

DTC-320: StreamXpertv2 TS analyzer
DTC-320-SL: StreamXpert Lite Viewer/Recorder
DTC-320-SXV2UPG: StreamXpert v1 to v2 Upgrade
DTC-320-NIC: StreamXpertv2 bound to PC network port (dongle)
DTC-320-SXDGL: StreamXpertv2 not bound to PC network port (dongle)
DTC-3201-1YR: 1 year StreamXpert 2.0 maintenance

DTC-3202-2YR: 2 year StreamXpert 2.0 maintenance
DTC-3203-1YR: 3 year StreamXpert 2.0 maintenance