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DekTec StreamXpress Playout Software


The DTC-300 StreamXpress is a software application that allows you to easily integrate a low cost, high performance stream player using a standard PC or laptop. The DTC-300 allows you to playout a continuous loop of video content for network device testing applications.

Sencore is the preferred distributor of DekTec in North America.

  • Integrate yourself a low cost, high performance stream player using a standard or industrial PC, a DekTec output adapter and the StreamXpress playout software
  • Integrated (P)SI viewer
  • Control of modulation parameters
  • Optional channel modeling of RF output signal
  • Integrated ISDB-T hierarchical multiplexer
  • Supports DTA-Plus RF attenuator
  • Play-out at a higher rate by null packet stuffing with PCR correction
  • Endless play with optional automatic correction of continuity counter and PCR/PTS/DTS fields
  • Automatic computation of transport rate
  • Reproducible injection of errors in the transport stream with adjustable error rate
  • SOAP-based remote control option
  • Universal test stream generator for feeding set top boxes, digital TVs, digital video processing equipment, etc.
  • Demos at trade shows, in stores, etc.
  • Test signal generator for ATE environments

DVB-ASI: DTA-100, DTA-112, DTA-115, DTA-140, DTE-3100, DTU-205
ASI/SDI: DTA-145, DTA-160, DTA-545, DTA-2142, DTA-2144, DTA-2145, DTU-205, DTU-245
DVB-SPI: DTA-102, DTA-2142
Modulators: DTA-107S2, DTA-110T, DTA-112, DTA-115, DTA-116, DTA-117, DTU-215
TSoIP: DTA-160
I/Q Samples: DTA-115, DTA-116, DTA-117, DTU-215

DTC-302-RC: Remote control option
DTC-305-CM: Channel modeling option

Platform: Windows XP/2k3/Vista, 512MB
Processor: PIII* (ASI) Core 2* (DVB-T2)

* Or equivalent AMD processor

DTC-300: StreamXpress playout software

5.0 to 8.0MHz