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Digital Satellite Meter


The DSM1462 is a portable digital satellite meter that peak aligns a satellite dish. Peaking the dish alignment is as simple as watching the Digital Quality bar graph meter and/or listening as the tone beeps get faster. Peaking the Digital Quality meter readout (Fail, Marginal or Pass) avoids loss or dropout of digital signal reception often experienced when the dish is not properly aligned. Up to 99 satellite orbit positions and transponder frequency combinations can be computer programmed into the DSM1462 and it works with all LNBs, polarization and 22 kHz switching devices. It comes ready-to-use with battery, power adapter, protective case and connectors.

  • Measures QPSK satellite signals level and quality simultaneously.
  • Powers LNB and selects polarity (13V, 18V, 22kHz,) (DiSEqC)
  • Indicates satellite digital signal found with LED and buzzer.
  • Meters signal power on easy to see bar graph display.
  • Performs digital signal quality test and shows bar graph scale with Fail, Marginal or Pass.
  • Provides level measurements with weak or unlocked signals.
  • Stores up to 99 satellite orbit position/transponders.
  • User programmable via PC, RS232 adapter and factory software.
  • Small size and portable for convenient dish alignment.
  • Provides 2-4 Hr of battery use.
  • Optimize the satellite dish azimuth and elevation settings without bringing a receiver and/or monitor to the dish site.
  • Use digital quality meter to peak LNB polarization for best C/N.
  • Eliminate signal drop-outs with precision dish adjustments.
  • Prove the dish & LNB provide a quality digital signal output.
  • Test for proper LNB polarization & switching.
  • Configure to match your specialized satellite signal analyzing requirements.