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Edge QAM


IFQ360 is a next generation edge QAM designed to meet the growing demand for VOD distribution over an IP or HFC network. IFQ360 also comes with multiplexing and DVB simulcrypt scrambling capability that supports different system integration needs. The IFQ360 Edge QAM is a great value for content redistribution, VOD services and Switched Broadcast Video.

  • High-density, 10Gbps input and 192 QAM output
  • Redundant power supply and IP/QAM module backup
  • Independent selection of each QAM frequency
  • Perfect for VOD and program distribution
  • Up to 2560 TS/IP streams input supported

VOD Service
In the VOD application, IFQ360 is used to receive IP streams generated from a VOD server, and then modulates them in QAM for transmission through HFC network.

Network Distribution
The IFQ360 enables an operator to build a remote headend in an efficient and cost-effective way. The IFQ360 receives the programs from the master headend via IP, then multiplexes and modulates the channels to the available QAM frequencies for local distribution. Compared to traditional local headend, IFQ360 can substantially reduce the number of headends needed and generate savings in large deployments.

Max.Input bitrate: 10Gbps
Slots availability: 2 TSIP modules and 6 QAM modules
Multiplexing: Support
Scrambling: Support
Backup: Power supply, slots, 1 + 1
Outputs: 1xRF port for Max. 32 QAM (F-type)
Standard: ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C
QAM constellations: 64/256 QAM
Output level: 90dBuV ~115dBuV according to modulation frequency quantity
Output range: 57 ~ 999 MHz
Bandwidth: 6MHz/8MHz
MER: ≥43dB (Equalized)
PCR Correction: Support
Interface: 5 x 1GbE SFP ports for TS-IP
1x100/1000 Mbps port for management
IP Encapsulation: MPEG TS over UDP/RTP
I/O Processing: Up to 1280 channels
8192 PIDs per SFP port
Addressing: Unicast and Multicast
IGMP Version: IGMPv2, IGMPv3 (Future option)
Interface: 100 Base-TX, RJ45
NMS support: Yes
SNMP support: Yes
Web based NMS: Yes
Online Upgrade: Yes
Input Voltage: 90~264 V AC; 48 VDC
Power Consumption: Max. 275 W
Rack Space: 1 RU
Dimension (WxHxD): 483mm x 44mm x 440mm
Operating Temperature: 0ºC~50ºC
Storage Temperature: -40ºC~70ºC
Relative Operating Humidity: <95%
MTBF: ≥100,000 hours