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Handheld QAM/8VSB/DOCSIS 2 Signal Meter

SLM 1476CM

The SLM 1476CM provides everything installers and operators are looking for in a signal level meter. Capable of analog and digital measurements, including Pre/Post BER, MER, Spectral Display, DOCSIS 2.0 Network Testing, plus Leakage and Ingress Testing capabilities all at an affordable price. Designed to easily test multiple DOCSIS channels. The SLM 1476 provides a pass/fail test which can be logged.

  • Alpha/Numeric keypad for direct channel or frequency entry
  • Use the SLM 1476CM for complete modem installation. Test both forward and return from premise to CMTS
  • Digital measurement capabilities including: Average power, Pre/Post BER, MER, and Constellation for QAM, also provides 8VSB/ATSC testing capabilities.
  • All Channel/Frequency Tuning: From 4-1000 MHz (UHF/ VHF/CABLE) allowing return path signal testing as well as testing high frequency channels with ease
  • Analog measurement capabilities including Signal Level, A/V ratio, and C/N
  • Signal leakage testing capabilities ensures every installation is clean and meets system requirements
  • Ingress capabilities allows for both forward and return path testing from the ground block or line extender to ground block for unwanted noise
  • Full featured spectral display enables you to view all channels, a single channel, or a bar graph display for a quick visual inspection of all channels.
  • Data logging enables the technician to save or print all data for future reference or record of completed installations. Connect to PC via USB cable and download using FREE interface software
  • 12-volt DC charging and Auto-off for battery saving operation
  • Threshold test-user definable thresholds for pass/fail logging
  • CATV installation and troubleshooting
  • Off-air 8VSB reception broadcast footprint quality
  • Private cable systems in schools, corporate campuses, correctional institutions and medical centers, anywhere RF is used
  • Custom home theater installation and calibration


Frequency Range: TV and Radio 4-1000 Mhz
Frequency Resolution: 62.5 Khz
RF Input Impedance: 75Ω
DOCSIS Input Impedance: 75Ω
Dynamic Range:
15 dBuV to 125 dBuV
or -45 to +65 dBmV
or -98 to +16 dBm
Measurement Resolution: 0.1 dB
Level Measurement Acc: 1 dB typ. (2 dB max.)
A/V Ratio: 1.5 dB typ. (2 dB max.)
C/N Ratio: 2 dB typ. (4 dB max.)
Measure Filter Bandwidth: 100 Khz @ -3 dB
Custom Channel Plans: 25

8VSB, QAM 16-32-64-256 (Annex A, B & C)
Frequency Band: 4-1000 Mhz
Power Measurement
Dynamic Range: -35 to 56 dBmV
BER Measurement: bBER up to 1 x 10-8 / aBER up to 2 x 10-9
MER Measurement: 10 dB to 40dB
Constellation Display: 64-128-256 (on graphics display)

DOCSIS 2.0 Compliant Device
Frequency Band: 5-1000 Mhz
Input Impedance: 75Ω
Range: -45 to +65 dBmV
Measurements Include: Level, MER, Pre/Post BER, Lost Packet, Transmit Power, Transmitted Packets, Received Packets, PER, Latency Min/ Max Avg Upstream Level and IP Status
MAC Address: Default or User Defined

Power Supply: 12VDC 1A
Battery Duration at 25°C: 4-6 Hours in Analog, 3-4 Hours in Digital
Size: H 11.8” x W 4.33” x D 2.36”
PC Interface: USB
Display: 64 x 128 pixels, 2.5”
Front-Panel: Alpha numeric keypad