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High Capacity Digital Media Gateway

DMG 4100/4200
Introducing the new DMG 4100 and DMG 4200 Digital Media Gateway from Sencore. The next generation of the DMG platform is an entirely new product engineered for the increased demand in ultra-high bandwidth IP video networking applications. Capable of routing an immense number of services while performing tasks such as multiplexing, scrambling and descrambling.
With increased capacity of up to 168GB internally and up to 4000 streams handled per module, the next generation of DMG is ready to overcome any video-aware networking challenge.
The new SDI/ASI gateway module can be used to encode/decode uncompressed or lightly compressed streams such as SMPTE 2022-6, JPEG 2000 and TiCo with support for legacy ASI signals. In addition, a DVB-CSA or AES scrambler module is available for very high density scrambling applications.
High capacity also means a greater need for redundancy. The DMG’s dual active switch modules and backplanes with seamless traffic switching abilities let you rest assured your content is always available. 1RU and 2RU AC or DC form factors both offer dual hot-swappable power supplies, dual switch modules, dual front mounted control modules and six or twelve rear mounted option slot bays.
  • High speed 10GB network interfaces to support up to 4000 services per IP module
  • Video-centric IP Firewall Features
    Perform multicast forwarding (IGMP join and forward)
    Inspect and forward transport streams packets
    Demultiplex and remultiplex transport streams
    Encryption and decryption of video data
    Provide seamless network protection according to SMPTE 2022-7
    Receive SMPTE 2022-1 FEC
  • Low latency (below 1ms), ideal for delay-critical circuits
  • Dense scrambling up to 4000 services per module with DVB-CSA or AES encryption
  • SDI and ASI to IP gateway supporting encoding and decoding of SMPTE 2022-6, JPEG 2000 and TiCo
  • Access control with defined user rights and level of control for all interfaces
  • Interfaces designed for high density in mind. Manage and monitor many streams with service grouping, group rules, and extensive search capabilities.
  • Video Aware Network Firewall
    The DMG is the perfect solution, offering high capacity, extensive video awareness, high security, operational simplicity and exceptional reliability. Security is assured by Sencore’s own FPGA based IP packet forwarding mechanism and proprietary internal network structure.
  • Dense Scrambling
    An ultra-high density scrambler module is perfect for scrambling the very high service densities seen with the real-time online delivery of linear and VOD assets. Simulcrypt compliance enables up to four CA systems to be used concurrently and is rated for up to 16,000 ECMs.
  • SDI to IP Gateway
    The DMG can be used as a versatile SDI or ASI to IP gateway. Each module accepts up to 3G-SDI or ASI and software configurable as input or output. The module translates between SDI and uncompressed video over IP according to SMPTE 2022-6, JPEG 2000 or TiCo. Combine this with other modules to create a truly multi-purpose solution.