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High-Rate IP Streamer

MIP 6210

By bringing together Sencore’s years of experience offering innovative professional streamers and media players, the MIP 6210 High-Rate IP Streamer effortlessly aids in the design, verification, manufacturing and deployment of digital TV equipment and systems. The ability to play out hundreds of media streams at Gigabit rates makes it the ideal solution for the development and deployment of IPTV equipment, as well as a reliable signal source for qualifying IPTV networks and digital television equipment. With its full line-rate performance, this streamer is the ideal tool to test the limits of networks and IP devices. The intuitive web UI and full SNMP or web API remote control allows the MIP 6210 to offer users a simple, reliable and powerful solution for operational and lab environments. The MIP 6210 comes in a rack mountable 1-RU chassis with multiple output ports and has numerous expansion options available.

  • Stream hundreds of MPEG-TS files simultaneously
  • Stream multiple PCAP Ethernet capture files containing any type of packet traffic
  • Support for MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC/H.265 video and all audio formats
  • Easily configure parameters such as source IP address, UDP ports, destination IP address, MAC address, and others
  • UDP or RTP IP mapping protocol support with unicast or multicast capabilities
  • FEC insertion capabilities (SMPTE 2022-1/Pro-MPEG CoP3) *future capability
  • Upload and download media files from onboard storage with FTP and SMB
  • Integrated seamless looping capabilities for continuous stream playout
  • Powerful recording option for capturing streams to replay or analyze
  • Full and open web API and SNMP capabilites
  • Simple and intuitive web UI for all control
  • Test Labs – Supply reliable MPEG-TS and PCAP signal sources for testing equipment such as decoders, transcoders, multiplexers, scramblers, descramblers, televisions, etc.
  • Tradeshow/Demonstration – During tradeshows and demonstrations, it can provide a reliable, high-capacity signal source as input to equipment on display. Verify VOD network performance.
  • Network Validation – Generate streams for IP network validation and stress testing and for testing network appliance jitter and transport errors.
  • Manufacturing - Generate test streams for the manufacturing of IP set-top boxes and other IP equipment.

Physical Interfaces

Included IP Ports:

2 x RJ45 1Gbps (each port can be used for streaming and/or management)


Protocols: HTTP and SNMP
User Interfaces: Full control via web GUI
Automation Interfaces:

Full status control via SNMP
Configurable SNMP traps
Web services API available
Syslog message logging

Firmware updates: Via web GUI

Input and Output Formats:

Ip Input Formats:

RTP Header Extensions Supported

IP Output Formats: UDP or RTP
IP Encapsulation: 1 to 7 TS Packets per IP Packet
IP Addressing: Unicast or Multicast
IGMP Compatibility: Version 1, 2 & 3
File Types:

MPEG Transport Streams (.ts, .trp)
PCAP Ethernet Capture (.pcap)


Cumulative Throughput: 1Gbps (Disk to all outputs)


Type: 1RU Rack-mount server
Dimensions: 1.75" x 19" x 20" (HxWxD) (43mm x 483mm x 507 mm)
Cooling: Front to back
Stream Storage: 1 TB


Voltage: 100-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Maximum Power: 340W

Optional Licenses

Record License: Add ability to record up to 10 simultaneous TS or PCAP streams