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Internet Distribution Gateway

DMG 7000
Utilizing the latest software-based platform from Sencore, the DMG 7000 is focused on providing a gateway between broadcast MPEG/IP networks and internet-based distribution protocols.
These ever-growing protocols like SRT, Zixi, RIST and HLS allow content providers to use consumer based internet connections to provide reliable, low-cost distribution networks.
No longer is high-cost satellite and fiber links required to backhaul high quality content from remote sites to head-ends or distribute content to regional hubs. Being a software-based, the DMG 7000 can be deployed on COTS hardware in a variety of form factors from mini-PCs to 1RU rack mount servers and virtual environments such as AWS or Google Cloud.
Reduce your CAPEX and OPEX expenditures and utilize the latest technologies in internet distribution to broadcast your content.
  • Gateway between MPEG/IP and Internet Distribution Protocols
    • SRT protocol with AES encryption
    • Zixi protocol with ZEN Master integration
  • Software deployment on COTS hardware or virtual environments
    • Mini-PC or 1RU rack mount for any application
    • Cloud environments like AWS or Google Cloud
  • RIST transmit and receive
  • HLS receive
  • Multiplexing for MPEG/IP outputs
  • FEC Support for input and output streams
  • Transcoding and transrating
Content Distribution over the Internet
Enable low-cost distribution workflows using protocols like SRT and Zixi on the open internet. Reduce OPEX and CAPEX of backhaul or backup networks.
Bridge Between Managed and Unmanaged Networks
Backhaul over the open internet with advanced encapsulation methods. Receive and transmit protocols such as SRT, Zixi and MPEG/IP for broadcast workflows.