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Live Streaming Transcoder

TXS 8600

The TXS 8600 powered by Elemental, is a live over the top (OTT), adaptive bitrate (ABR) transcoder that provides  high-quality audio and video transcoding for multi-screen video applications. The system merges the performance benefits of massively parallel hardware, with the flexibility of intelligent software to provide unprecedented price/performance transcoding. By harnessing the power of the latest parallel processing architectures, the TXS 8600 offers greater density and throughput than traditional CPU based solutions.

The TXS 8600 delivers simultaneous conversion of multiple HD and SD video streams for an array of devices including TVs, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones; ideal for content producers and distributors with large-scale encoding and transcoding applications.The TXS 8600 is easy to install, configure and integrate into new media and broadcast production workflows by utilizing built-in API’s and system management protocols.

  • Simultaneously transcode up to twelve 1080p streams, 24 720p streams, or a vast array of ABR outputs
  • Deliver video to any screen, at any timewith support for adaptive bitrate streaming protocols which include Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, RTMP, Microsoft Smooth, MPEG-DASH and more
  • Scalable, reliable architecture uses a reduced hardware footprint and easy integration with existing workflows
  • Universal input support available for all common broadcast, editing, and user generated content formats
  • Intuitive and easy to use web UI along with REST/XML API’s, and SNMP for system management
  • Transcode live broadcasts for live delivery to over the top applications, such as web and mobile devices
  • Expand customer reach by delivering content beyond traditional distribution models, like Xbox and Roku
  • Live stream important world events or special company functions without the need for complex traditional broadcast equipment
  • Remote learning and education by providing live classes on the web and mobile devices
  • Monetize additional revenue from advertising by delivering content to more viewers on devices beyond the traditional television

Supported Inputs
ASI (up to 3)
SD, HD, 3G SDI (up to 8) with Upstream Router Control

Video & Audio Output Formats
Apple ProRes 422 (up to HQ)
AVC/H.264 (Baseline, Main, High)
MPEG-2 (4:2:0, 4:2:2)
VC-1 (Simple, Main Advanced)

AC-3 (Dolby Digital), AC-3 Passthrough
Dolby-E Passthrough
DTS Express
E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus), E-AC-3 Passthrough

Output Targets
3GP (3GPP)
Apple HLS
Adobe Media Server (RTMP / F4F / F4V)
Adobe HDS
CableLabs Compliant Option (MPEG-TS)
Elementary Streams
Microsoft Smooth Streaming (ISMV)
Microsoft Windows Media (WMV / ASF)
MPEG Transport Streams (.ts, .m2t)
QuickTime Self-Contained (.mov)
Save as File to Local or Network Storage
UDP Unicast or Multicast
Ultraviolet (CFF, UVU)

System Control
Web-Based User Interface
Elemental Conductor Live
SNMP (Control and Status)
System Resource and Statistics Monitoring
Notifications and Alerts
Automated Load Balancing
Event Prioritization and Planning
Multiple Authentication Tiers
Video and Audio Preview

Video Processing
Adaptive Quantization
AFD-Driven Output Scaling
Anti-Aliasing Scaler
Deblocking Filter
Frame Rate Interpolation
Inverse Telecine Support
Caption Extraction and PassthroughLanczos Scaling
Logo Insertion
Look Ahead Rate Control
Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing
MPEG-2 Error Concealment
Noise Reduction
Scene Change Detection

Other Features
Ad Avail Blanking and Black-Out Capability
Audio Channel Mixing
Audio Loudness Management (CALM Compliant)
Burned-In Timecode
Comprehensive Encryption / DRM SupportForensic Watermarking
Integrated CDN Support
Multiple Audio Tracks (Languages, Surround, SAP)
Nielsen ID3 Support
Open Caption Support
SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 Support
Support for Auxiliary Data (EBIF / KLV/ V-Chip / CGMS-A)

Physical & Power
Linux CentOS
Hot swappable dual power supplies
Up to 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports
500 GB RAID-1 storage