Highly Versatile Video Delivery and Signal Transmission

Our customers have key requirements for video delivery – whether completing a migration to HD or harnessing the power of IPTV for cost-effective and high-quality content delivery to many different platforms and audiences. Meeting these goals means dealing with a complex transmission environment that includes a variety of signals, interfaces, formats, codecs, and standards.

Sencore’s advanced video delivery and signal transmission technologies overcome the complexities to enable consistent, high-quality video distribution. Our solutions offer proven compatibility with a wide range of technologies including analog, digital, HD/SD, MPEG2, H.264, IP, 8VSB, QAM, and DVB-S/S2. Led by the MRD 3187B Receiver Decoder, the industry's only professional multi-format modular receiver decoder, our video delivery products include a range of receiver decoders, modulators, transcoders, multiplexers, servers/streamers/players, and PCI cards.

Our products enable the highest-quality video delivery available today, in the broadest range of applications. For single-point or multi-point distribution of MPEG transport streams consisting of compressed audio, video, and data services, we can transcode between common compression codes, transrate compressed streams for bandwidth savings, and receive and decode compressed services for monitoring and re-encoding. Sencore solutions are also ideal for video contribution applications such as electronic newsgathering (ENG) via satellite, IP networks, and microwave links, or for delivering real-time live content streams from sports and entertainment venues.

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