Sencore Introduces Next Generation Streaming Servers

Sencore has introduced the next generation of high-performance streaming servers packed with new features and support for the latest standards. The MIP 6210 High-Bitrate Video Streamer and TSS 6220…

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Sencore Introduces End-to-End DVB-S2X Solution

The Sencore SMD Satellite Modulator and MRD/AG Decoders have added S2X capability, bringing you the most advanced satellite transmission technology for more bandwidth while saving you money.

The S2X…

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Closed Caption Monitoring for Less Than the Price of an FCC Fine

With fines starting at $12,000 per incident, caption service impairments can be costly. The FCC mandate for Closed Caption compliance is real and already affecting many broadcasters. Be prepared…

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New In-depth MPEG-DASH Analysis Introduced

An Engineer’s best tool for MPEG-DASH deep analysis.

Sioux Falls, SD, February 7, 2017– The Sencore CMA 1820 Compressed Media Analyzer now provides industry leading analysis for MPEG-DASH.


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Carrier ID Mandate Looming? Easy.

Why is Carrier ID Needed?

With the increasing amount of data being transmitted over satellite, signal interference has been a growing problem. To mitigate this interference, the…

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Sencore Makes Streams Come True

Don’t let the technical aspects of OTT/ABR stream delivery “Cloud your judgement”. Sencore has all the products and knowledge to “make streams come true”. From a simple YouTube or…

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