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AG 4800A

Sencore’s AG 4800A is the chassis for our series of professional receiver decoder cards with high-density, multi-format decoding capabilities. The AG 4800A 20-Slot openGear® Chassis accommodates up to 10 receiver decoder cards (10 channels) in a 2RU frame.

MRD 5800

The flagship MRD 5800 Advanced Modular Receiver continues Sencore’s long history of leadership in the receiver/decoder space. The product boasts a full complement of cutting- edge features, including 4:2:2 HEVC 8bit/10bit decoding, up to 8 individual audio PIDs, 16/32APSK satellite demodulation, and 1080p60 video support with 3G-SDI output.

MRD 4400
The new MRD 4400 Receiver Decoder is the latest in Sencore’s long line of professional integrated receiver/decoders for distribution and monitoring applications. Latest-generation components ensure that the 4400 provides the most complete feature set and the best value for a broad swath of common receiver/decoder applications.
CMD 4000

The Sencore In-Band Commander can be deployed as part of a system to control Sencore receiver/decoders in the field. The CMD 4000 control server can configure and update fielded units from a central location, saving an operator time and money spent on costly “truck rolls.”

AG 4400

The new AG 4400 card-based receiver decoder provides an ideal solution for high-quality video decoding where rack space is at a premium. The platform supports up to 10 H.264/MPEG2 decoder cards in a 2RU OG-3 frame.

AG 5800

The AG 5800 card-based receiver decoder provides an ideal solution for 4:2:2 video decoding where rack space is limited. The platform supports up to 10 decoder cards in the industry-standard 2RU openGear® OG-3 chassis.

MRD 7000
Backed by Sencore's years of experience in top-tier receiver decoders comes a software based decoder aimed at contribution 4K/UHD HEVC applications. The MRD 7000 can go where low cost ASIC decoders cannot thanks to the flexibility of software based decoding. Staying agile is paramount in today’s market and the MRD 7000 is ready to deliver.
MRD 6000
The MRD 6000 is a new 4K/UHD receiver decoder built with latest-generation 4K/UHD ASIC decoder technology in order to deliver a reliable, cost-effective appliance for monitoring, turn-around, signage, hospitality and enterprise 4K/UHD video applications.
AG 4800XS

The AG 4800XS is the newest chassis for Sencore’s line of AtlasGear cards including professional receiver decoders with high-density, multi-format decoding capabilities and digital gateway adapters.

AG 6000

The AG 6000 is a new 4K/UHD receiver decoder for the openGear form factor.