Sencore Unveils AG 2700: A Revolutionary Solution for Future-Proof Retransmission Reception Infrastructure

Sencore, an innovator in broadcast solutions, is thrilled to introduce the AG 2700, a versatile and dense solution engineered for receiving ATSC  RF signals, transforming them into ASI and…

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Sencore Introduces Enhanced Descrambling Capabilities for ARD 3000 Series, Facilitating Seamless ATSC 3.0 Deployment

Sencore, a leading innovator in professional receiver decoder platforms, announces a significant advancement in its ARD 3000 series, further solidifying its position at the forefront of the evolving ATSC…

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The Hybrid Heaven in Broadcast

Best of both worlds, or an unfulfilling compromise?We’re most used to seeing the term ‘hybrid’ in the automotive industry, and to say it’s a contentious term…

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Arctek Celebrates Success with the Afiniti Platform, Anticipates Future Growth with Sencore

Arctek, a leader in live sports transmissions, is thrilled to mark their partnership with Adtec’s Afiniti Platform and is looking forward to the promising future of this collaboration with…

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How to leverage technology benefits

On Sencore’s ‘Afiniti’ for the Caveman’s dilemmaBack in the days of the cavemen the wheel was invented, and there was much rejoicing. People started to stick…

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Sencore Redefines Content Delivery at SCTE 2023 (Booth 816) and NAB NY 2023 (Booth 1141)

Experience the Future of Content Delivery Across Two Premier Industry Events

Sencore, a leader in signal transmission and content delivery solutions, is delighted to announce its participation in two…

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