Arctek Celebrates Success with the Afiniti Platform, Anticipates Future Growth with Sencore

Arctek, a leader in live sports transmissions, is thrilled to mark their partnership with Adtec’s Afiniti Platform and is looking forward to the promising future of this collaboration with industry leader Sencore.

Brian Stanley, Owner of Arctek, provides insights into this remarkable journey, emphasizing the substantial benefits arising from Sencore’s acquisition of Adtec Digital’s Afiniti Platform. With an ongoing commitment to innovation, Sencore’s involvement has positioned Arctek for sustained growth in the dynamic sports contribution market.

“It just makes sense,” remarks Brian Stanley, reflecting on the pivotal decision to adopt the Afiniti platform even before its official release. Arctek’s foresight recognized the platform’s distinct advantages, particularly its space-saving design, which reduced the rack space in their trucks from a bulky 10 rack units (10RU) to a sleek 1 rack unit (1RU). Afiniti’s user-friendly interface empowered operators to make quick adjustments without constant fine-tuning, allowing them to focus on the event at hand. Brian also emphasized their trust in the unit’s robustness, proving its durability during Arctek’s productions on the road.

The Afiniti platform’s support for 1080 HDR and 4K has enabled Arctek to seamlessly adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape. It has become an indispensable cornerstone of their workflows, consistently meeting the challenges posed by the growing demands of live sports viewers.

Brian Stanley expressed his enthusiasm for Sencore’s unwavering dedication to innovation and is optimistic about the future of the Afiniti platform with Sencore’s support. Aaron Doughten, Director of Technology and Marketing, assures existing customers of Adtec Digital that Sencore remains dedicated to advancing and providing ongoing support for the Afiniti platform. Furthermore, both existing and new Afiniti customers have access to Sencore ProCare support services, ensuring that their workflows are consistently maintained and kept up to date.

As Arctek celebrates their pioneering spirit with Afiniti, they remain a testament to the success of this collaboration, paving the way toward a vibrant future in the sports contribution market. With Sencore’s forward-thinking approach, the future looks brighter than ever for Arctek and the industry as a whole.

About Arctek:
Arctek Satellite Productions is recognized as a top-tier, full-service provider of television logistics. With a wealth of experience and expertise, they serve as the go-to source for a wide spectrum of broadcasting needs. From At-Home style multipath transmissions to single-path HD uplinks and dynamic on-location multi-camera live productions.

About Sencore

Sencore, the gateway to better video delivery, is a rapidly growing technology company that provides a broad range of innovative products and services enabling efficient, high-quality video delivery. Sencore continues to meet the needs of modern media with a cutting-edge product portfolio, backed by best-in-industry support. Sencore works in close collaboration with customers to provide solutions for the content delivery challenges of today and tomorrow, enabling them to deliver high-quality content throughout their networks.