Sencore: A Leading Innovator in Video Delivery, Proudly Partners in Developing India’s New Parliament Building, Reflecting the Aspirations of 135 Crores Indians

Sencore, a recognized leader in the video delivery industry, is thrilled to announce its role as a proud partner in developing India’s new Parliament building. This significant project, reflecting the aspirations of 135 crores Indians, holds immense pride and gratitude for Sencore as it marks a defining moment in the nation’s history.

The new Parliament building stands as a symbol of progress, unity, and the unwavering commitment to democracy that India upholds. With its construction, the nation solidifies its dedication to providing a platform for democratic discourse, decision-making, and the representation of the people’s voice. Sencore understands the magnitude of this responsibility and is committed to delivering an exceptional outcome that aligns with the nation’s vision.

“As a leader in the video delivery industry, we express our profound pride and gratitude for the opportunity to be a partner in developing India’s new Parliament building,” stated Piyush Mishra, Director of Sales and Technology at Sencore in the Asia Pacific. “Our MRD 5800 Receiver Decoder entrusted with a role in a project of this scale is a tremendous honor for us. We are humbled by the confidence and trust placed in our capabilities, and we recognize the immense responsibility that comes with it.”

Sencore values the strong relationships it has built with its customers and partners involved in this historic project. The collaborative efforts and mutual respect have laid the foundation for success, emphasizing the unity and shared commitment of all stakeholders. “We extend our sincere appreciation and humility for the opportunity to be a partner in this remarkable endeavor,” continued Piyush Mishra “Our team at Sencore remains dedicated to delivering excellence, ensuring that the new Parliament building stands as a testament to the hopes and dreams of the Indian people.”

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