Training Course

MPEG 101

This course is designed to teach many aspects of MPEG2 transport streams. Areas of study will include: MPEG2 transport streams, elementary streams, PES, PIDs, PSI and PSIP, PCR, video compression, encoding and decoding, troubleshooting, analysis, and transmission. This multifaceted approach aims to not only teach about the technologies surrounding this topic but to build a larger understanding of the applications and industries in which it is used.


This is an eight (8) hour course split into two, four (4) hour sessions with a one (1) hour lunch break in between sessions.

Course Goals
Upon completion of the course, students should have a general understanding of MPEG2 transport streams, the associated parts of transport streams, and the technology surrounding them. Students should understand the architecture of transport streams, how they are transmitted and which common methods are used to move transport streams from one place to another. Students should also possess a general understanding of video compression and decompression theory and common errors they may encounter during real-world interactions.