Training Course


This course is designed to teach all aspects of the VideoBridge Network Monitoring product line. Areas of study will include: product and technology theory, system architecture, configuration options, installation and configuration, troubleshooting, reporting, best practices and hands on training. This multifaceted approach aims to not only teach about the product but to build a larger understanding of the applications and industries in which it will be used.

Intermediate computer skills
Basic MPEG knowledge
Basic networking knowledge

This is an eight (8) hour course split into two, four (4) hour sessions with a one (1) hour lunch break in between sessions.

Course Goals
Upon completion of the course, students should have a solid understanding of the setup, configuration, reporting and troubleshooting of the VideoBridge Network Monitoring product line. Students should be able to efficiently and effectively setup, upgrade and troubleshoot the product and possess a distinct understanding of how, why, and where the product fits into their specific system architecture.

Web-Based Description
This course is designed to teach basic theory, setup/configuration, and system architecture of the VideoBridge Networking Monitoring product line. Students will learn the different methods of setting up the device as well as best practices and basic troubleshooting.

This is a two (2) hour, web based training course.