DCM Hardware Alternative

The hardware-based DMG 4000 platform provides a feature rich toolset to replace and expand capabilities in existing Cisco DCM applications in high density 1RU or 2RU form factors.

Review Sencore’s DCM replacement application note and learn more about the key features of the DMG 4000 platform as a hardware-based alternative for DCM applications and how it is suited to both replace EOL hardware and enhance the functional capabilities in DCM applications.

With a backplane latency of less than 1ms and fully configurable de-jittering buffers the DMG 4000 platform provides a high density, low latency solution for real time media processing applications.

Specifically designed with multiple use cases in mind, the 4100/4200 chassis features high capacity IP and ASI transport stream switching and processing capacity combined with high density, low latency real-time compression and transcoding options.

The DMG 4000 platform delivers media centric, easy to deploy, high-capacity firewall capabilities, supporting many advanced features encompassing authentication, authorization and auditing. Security is assured by a FPGA based IP packet forwarding mechanism and internal network structure. In addition to serving as an IP firewall the DMG 4000 platform also provides transport layer scrambling and descrambling options to further ensure the security of your content.

The DMG 4000 platform supports conversion of uncompressed video from/to SDI and SMPTE ST2110 with options for AVC, HEVC or ultra-low latency JPEG XS codecs.

As with all Sencore products, the DMG 4000 platform is backed by Sencore’s best-in-class staff of ProCare support engineers.

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