Get Your YouTube Live Stream Running in 5 Minutes!

Check out Sencore’s YouTube Live Stream

To demonstrate how easy it is to start live streaming professional quality content on YouTube, Sencore has launched its own live stream on YouTube. See it on the official Sencore YouTube channel. Thanks to Sencore’s lineup of OTT/ABR transcoding, encoding, and packaging solutions, you can also get a live stream up and running in as little as 5 minutes!


It’s no secret that consumers demand a different form of content access. Mobile devices have changed the way we all interact with video content and it is raising the bar for all content providers. This change in consumer demand has driven OTT/ABR content delivery into the forefront of development and it’s easy to see that it is the logical progression for the next generation of consumers.

Forging into OTT/ABR from traditional linear video can be confusing and scary. There is no doubt that this form of transport has many differences from traditional linear video. While this change may be new and frightening, you can approach it with confidence knowing Sencore has you covered.

From a simple Youtube or Facebook live stream appliance to a multi-thousand service system, Sencore has the products, experience, and capability to design the perfect solution customized to your needs. Work directly with a Sencore Certified Engineer to design your complete solution. The Sencore Certified Engineer will work with you to understand your goals and then choose the proper equipment to fit your needs. No guessing and no worry, Sencore is here to “Make Streams Come True”.

About Sencore

Sencore, the gateway to better video delivery, is a rapidly growing technology company that provides a broad range of innovative products and services enabling efficient, high-quality video delivery. Sencore continues to meet the needs of modern media with a cutting-edge product portfolio, backed by best-in-industry support. Sencore works in close collaboration with customers to provide solutions for the content delivery challenges of today and tomorrow, enabling them to deliver high-quality content throughout their networks.