Sencore Unveils AG 2700: A Revolutionary Solution for Future-Proof Retransmission Reception Infrastructure

Sencore, an innovator in broadcast solutions, is thrilled to introduce the AG 2700, a versatile and dense solution engineered for receiving ATSC  RF signals, transforming them into ASI and IP outputs, and enabling seamless retransmission for MVPDs and other broadcast entities.

Future-Proof Retransmission
The AG 2700 represents a breakthrough in Sencore’s product lineup, supporting both the legacy ATSC 1.0 and the new ATSC 3.0 standard (coming soon with software/license update). This dual capability empowers users to future-proof their retransmission reception infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with evolving industry standards.

Optimal Density for Broadcast Channels
The AG 2700 seamlessly integrates into the industry-standard 2RU openGear frame or Sencore’s proprietary CRD 4900 frame. Both frames support up to 10 receivers per chassis, providing optimal density for receiving all broadcast channels in most markets.

Effortless System Expansion
Featuring hot-swappable cards, the AG 2700 allows for effortless system expansion. This scalability ensures that broadcasters can adapt to changing requirements with ease, maintaining a reliable and efficient retransmission workflow.

Seamless Integration and Monitoring
The AG 2700 is equipped with full SNMP, a syslog interface, and an HTTP-based API, ensuring quick and easy integration into multichannel systems. For individual operators, the product boasts an intuitive web user interface ensuring a user-friendly experience and immediate familiarity for existing Sencore product users.

Dual Turn-Around Capabilities
ATSC 1.0 (8VSB) Turn-around:

  • Receive ATSC 1.0 RF signals
  • Demodulate the RF
  • Transmit content via ASI and/or IP
  • Distribute for retransmission purposes for cable, IPTV, and direct-to-home satellite on existing systems.

ATSC 3.0 Turn-Around (Coming soon with software/license update):

  • Receive ATSC 3.0 RF signals
  • Demodulate the RF
  • Transmit content via IP
  • Transmit to transcoding workflows or distribute for retransmission purposes for cable, IPTV, and direct-to-home satellite on existing systems.

Sencore’s AG 2700 sets a new standard for retransmission reception infrastructure, providing broadcasters with the tools they need to adapt to evolving technologies and deliver high-quality content to their audiences.

About Sencore

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