New In-depth MPEG-DASH Analysis Introduced

An Engineer’s best tool for MPEG-DASH deep analysis.

Sioux Falls, SD, February 7, 2017– The Sencore CMA 1820 Compressed Media Analyzer now provides industry leading analysis for MPEG-DASH.

Building on a legacy of best in class off-line content analysis which already includes support for HEVC/H.265, H.264, MPEG-2, HLS, SCTE35, captions, subtitles and audio loudness, the Sencore CMA 1820 is even more powerful with the release of MPEG-DASH support.

This feature allows users to analyze each segment/chunk for anomalies with intuitive tool tips and logging. It also includes analysis of manifest syntax, the ability to open and save media or segments, and TTML subtitle analysis. Along with a full suite of content analysis features, the MPEG-DASH support makes the CMA 1820 from Sencore the most versatile off-line analysis product in the industry.

The Sencore CMA 1820 offline software suite is constantly evolving and providing support for the newest standards. Trust this advanced tool to help users analyse the latest in content formats.

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