Closed Caption Monitoring for Less Than the Price of an FCC Fine

With fines starting at $12,000 per incident, caption service impairments can be costly. The FCC mandate for Closed Caption compliance is real and already affecting many broadcasters. Be prepared with the Sencore VB7810. The FCC requires television broadcasters and cable/telco/DBS companies to have captions on almost all video services. These requirements extend to most broadcasted content including Internet content. It becomes critical for network and service providers to invest in hardware that can monitor and guarantee compliance with closed captioning mandates to protect themselves from these costly fines. Video Bridge Advanced Extractor (VB7810) is the perfect fit for small television affiliates as it delivers caption analysis and archiving for 1 to 10 services for a price less than most fines. This powerful platform provides extensive real-time caption monitoring and historical archiving to ensure FCC caption compliance.  Archiving of caption data and video thumbnails provides a user-friendly searchable history and makes it easy to isolate caption errors throughout multiple transmission points, even from upstream content providers.

About Sencore

Sencore, the gateway to better video delivery, is an engineering leader in the development of reliable, cost-effective signal transmission and content monitoring solutions for the broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV markets. Backed by world-class customer service and support, Sencore's portfolio includes video contribution and distribution equipment, system monitoring and analysis solutions, and test and measurement instruments.