Sencore to release innovative, industry leading products, features and technologies – virtually.

Sencore, the gateway to better video delivery, is eager to release and demo new industry leading products, features & technologies to our valued customers and partners over the next few months. Even though we will be unable to showcase in person (for now) our vast portfolio of video delivery equipment, system monitoring and analysis solutions, we are working on bringing those announcements/demos/launches directly to you, wherever you may be.

Beginning the end of April, Sencore­ will be holding weekly live online events with our knowledgeable Product Managers as hosts to our audience. Topics to focus on, but not limited to; ST 2110 – Pushing production to the next level, Transport over the Internet and ATSC 3.0 – it’s here and we’re ready. The objective of these online events is to educate on growing technologies in the industry as well as introduce new products and innovations we now offer as solutions to our valued customers.

  • ST 2110 – Pushing production to the next level
    The growth of ST 2110 technology in production workflows has created a huge shift in the industry. SDI is no longer the answer when asking about production workflows and moving high quality, uncompressed streams across plants. High-bitrate IP networks are now the go-to infrastructure when planning a new production system build or migrating an old system to adapt the latest technologies. Sencore has the ability to enable your system and team to take advantage of these technologies with our market leading products in transport and analytics. We can help you learn, build and maintain your ST 2110 system.
    Products: SDI2X (SDI to ST 2110 Gateway), MRD 7000 (Contribution UHD Decoder), VB440 (ST2110 Analyzer), AG 6000 (Dense UHD Decoder), DMG 4000 (Media Gateway Platform)
  • Transport over the Open Internet
    It’s the year 2020 and moving vast amounts of data across the open internet is not a new topic. What is new is using the open internet as a reliable, secure, cost-effective and quick-to-deploy mode of video transport! Protocols like SRT, Zixi, RIST and HLS have enabled the video industry to utilize readily available internet connections for contribution and distribution of live video content. Do not get left behind. Now is the time to re-evaluate how you move your video content around the world and explore new solutions. Find out how Sencore can provide solutions to save you countless dollars in operating costs and get an internet-based transport quickly deployed!
    Products: DMG 7000 (Internet Transport Gateway), SCP 2100 (Signal Collection Platform), MRD 7000 (Contribution UHD Decoder), DMG 4000 (Media Gateway Platform), OMP500 (OTT/Linear Transcoder)
  • ATSC 3.0 is here and Sencore is ready
    The landscape of over-the-air delivery is changing and ATSC 3.0 is the catalyst. Carrying high-quality video up to UHD, positional audio, advertising tailored to each viewer and much more directly to consumers televisions. Sencore is introducing new platforms ready to take advantage of ATSC 3.0 whether you are a broadcaster or cable operator, we have something you need to see.
    Products: ARD 3100/3400 (ATSC 3.0 Receiver/Decoder), TXS 3800 (ATSC 3.0 to 1.0 Transcoder), SLM 1530 (ATSC 3.0 Signal Level Meter)
  • Receiver decoders? We’re on it.
    Sencore continues to develop industry-leading receiver decoders for any application. High-bitrate UHD, HDR contribution feeds? No problem. High-density, multi-codec distribution decode for monitoring or re-encode? Absolutely. Tell us about your receiver decoder problems and we’ll provide a turn-key solution or build a custom feature.
    Products: MRD 7000 (Contribution UHD Decoder), MRD/AG 6000 (UHD Decoder), MRD/AG 5800 (Contribution 1080P Receiver/Decoder), MRD/AG 4400 (Distribution 1080i Receiver/Decoder), UMH160R (Distribution Receiver/Decoder),

About Sencore

Sencore, the gateway to better video delivery, is a rapidly growing technology company that provides a broad range of innovative products and services enabling efficient, high-quality video delivery. Sencore continues to meet the needs of modern media with a cutting-edge product portfolio, backed by best-in-industry support. Sencore works in close collaboration with customers to provide solutions for the content delivery challenges of today and tomorrow, enabling them to deliver high-quality content throughout their networks.